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NEW! Crawford Peace House Online Community Blogs, message boards for ride-sharing, etc. We are mobilizing support for Cindy Sheehan's action in Crawford Texas. Come to Crawford! Join Cindy and thousands of others who have come to show their support for her and the other military families who stand with her. Check in at Peace House when you arrive for updates and directions. Monetary donations are needed and can be sent to: Crawford Peace House P.O. Box 710218 Dallas, Tx. 75371-0218 or use PayPal below Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! Thanks to all those who have donated, participated and sent good wishes to Cindy. She is held up by your love and desire for peace. We are located In the center of Crawford, Texas on Hwy 185 and the railroad tracks 9142 5th Street Crawford, Tx. 76638-3037 (Map) The Vigil is on Prairie Chapel road near the entrance to Bush’s ranch The Peace House phone is 254-486-0099 E-mail can be sent to We are trying to catch up with the tremendous flood of messages. Please know that we feel your good thoughts and and that Cindy knows of your gratitude and support. In the News Support the troops' moms - Aug 9, 2005 President Bush Ditches Mother Of Slain Soldier - The Lonestar Iconoclast(daily updates) Every Mother's Son - Aug 8, 2005 Related Organizations Code Pink Military Families Speak Out The Gold Star Mothers of America _____________________________________ Peace House in the News Perspectives on Bush-Sharon Meeting Mr Eugene Bird speaks to the gathering in Crawford about the historic injustice issues contributing to the ongoing struggle by Palestinians against increasingly aggressive Israeli policies. The banner carried by 100 volunteers passes in front of the Crawford Peace House through downtown Crawford. The banner carried by 100 volunteers passes in front of the Crawford Peace House through downtown Crawford. Professor Robert Jensen of UT in Austin addresses the crowd at a rally and demonstration on April 10, 2005, against Israel's violations of International Law on the occasion of Ariel Sharon's visit with George Bush in Crawford, TX. Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Bumps on the 'road' It's the settlements Hadi Jawad Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on President George W. Bush Monday at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, to discuss what the White House has announced as "prospects for Middle East peace." Because the two leaders merely danced around the issue of ending the occupation of lands in the West Bank held by Israel, prospects for Middle East peace will continue to be elusive. Complete Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories may not be a panacea -- and other difficult issues will have to be negotiated and resolved -- but without Israel's pullback to internationally recognized borders of 1967, the peace process many never get any traction. The United States deftly invokes U.N. resolutions selectively to further its policy aims in the Middle East. Saddam Hussein's violation of 14 Security Council resolutions was one of the reasons provided for the ill-advised invasion of Iraq. More recently President Bush invoked international law to demand Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon. Israel has violated scores of U.N. resolutions, yet successive administrations in Washington, Democratic and Republican, have continued to provide it with military, diplomatic and financial cover. Palestinians, struggling to escape the squalor of refugee camps for almost four decades, have been enraged by blanket American support for Israel and the heavy-handed policies of the Israeli Defense Forces. The brutality of home demolitions, along with the humiliation endured by Palestinians at ubiquitous checkpoints that keep students from schools, the sick from hospitals and workers from employment, has to cease immediately. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories must end, and the United States must pressure Israel until it agrees to do so. Recently, despite President Bush's objections, Israel has announced the construction of about 3,500 additional homes in the largest settlement in the West Bank. The path to peace in the Middle East lies through the hearts of Palestinians and Israelis. Most are exhausted by the spiral of violence that marks their lives. Most would wholeheartedly support a chance to live normal, ordinary lives. Beleaguered Palestinians yearn to breathe freely the air of a sovereign nation in which no wall imprisons them in their own cities and villages. Israelis deserve to carry on the activities of daily living without fear of being blown to bits. While our leaders in Washington and the editorial writers of our national newspapers have no trouble demanding accountability from Palestinian leaders, they are reticent when Israeli leaders throw obstacles on the road to peace. If nothing changes in Washington, nothing will change in the Middle East. The freeze on settlements demanded of Israel by President Bush during Monday's meeting must hold. If matters come down to a staring contest between Bush and Sharon, Bush must not blink. Otherwise, as with previous attempts for peace in the Holy Land, the road map to peace will lead to another dead end. Mission Statement: The Crawford Peace House offers a culturally diverse environment for spiritual growth and intellectual understanding that gives hope to humanity by providing peaceful alternatives to war. An oasis across the railroad tracks from downtown Crawford, Tx. (population 705 when the president is away) beckons visitors with a beautiful stone labyrinth in the courtyard. The lovely garden was planted and is cared for by Peace House volunteers. The Crawford Peace House provides a place where individuals and organizations can gather for seminars, meetings, or workshops dedicated to peace. Our Vision: Our Vision is to make the Crawford Peace House a culturally and religiously diverse center for spiritual growth and intellectual understanding that offers hope to humanity by providing positive alternatives to the cult of war. Our dream is to create beautiful gardens conducive to prayer and meditative reflection, as well as facilities for ecumenical worship and study. With our unique location in a tiny village near the Western White House, we plan to offer a special welcome to the representatives of foreign media who visit Crawford when the president is nearby. Join our email group Subscribe to Crawford Peace House enter email address Click here to join Crawford Peace House

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