Numbers: a call for action by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan, gay cams as you surely heard, was arrested in the House gallery on the night of the State of the Union. Her “crime”: wearing a t-shirt that displayed the number of US casualties (as of that day, 2245). vr porn websites

After holding her for four hours, the Capitol police let her go, and said that they erred; she had done nothing illegal.

It is fairly clear that this incident is part of an ongoing stifling of dissent, at the very least. We must fight back against this un-American campaign of political control.

To this end, Cindy has issued a call to action. She urges all of us to wear or otherwise display these numbers whenever possible, as a political statement about the war, and free speech.

Here at the Peace House, we have put up a sign in our front window, nothing fancy, just large numbers printed out on the computer. If you don’t have a computer or want to reduce toner use, just use a fat marker. And simple black and white makes the clearest statement. millymarks

The numbers on this war tell the true story. The truth needs to be displayed widely because we cannot count on the government or the media to tell that story. And we must demand our right, to tell the truth before it too is taken away.


Waco Friends of Peace meeting

Waco Friends of Peace will have its monthly membership meeting on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 6pm. It will take place at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church, 4209 N. 27th. asian cam girls

Some subjects for discussion include: choosing a new film night at the library, possible 3rd anniversary Iraq action (March 18/19) in Waco, our support for the major Dallas to Crawford march April 1-14. gay porn sites

All are welcome.

-Waco Drive (Hwy 84) going North (fr. McGregor direction)
-Left on 18st. (one way)
-Merges into 19th (2 way)
-go for many blocks
-Left on Park Lake (light with a big HEB at the intersection)
-go about 9 blocks
-Right on 27th (at Fire station)
-Continue near end of residential street
-UU building on right with sign near street (4209 N 27th).



March to Redeem the Soul of America

Help bring attention to the official misconduct and oil profiteering involved in the Iraq War. Inspired by the lives of Dr. and Corretta King, timsuck this march will start at the headquarters of ExxonMobile, and end in Crawford, Texas, where the Easter week of actions at Camp Casey will begin on April 11. interracial porn sites Many exciting actions along the way are promised. For more details and regular updates, along with how your group can join the growing list of endorsers, see…. boys cam live